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At Cox Communications, we’re the 3rd largest U.S. cable company, connecting people to the innovative technology and entertainment they love.

Now it’s your chance to take advantage of the opportunities our Internship, Co-op, and LEAD programs offer. You’ll work alongside some of the most talented professionals in the industry, add value to the projects you work on, and discover the support for your personal and professional growth that comes with being part of Cox. Connect to your future with Cox Communications’ Internship, Co-op and LEAD programs.

Cox University Relations

Internships and Co-ops

Find your purpose with Cox Internship and Co-op programs. Our programs provide on-the-job learning opportunities and work experience, opportunities to impact our business, and chances for networking that can lead to full-time opportunities after graduation. We make sure all our participants have the support they need to succeed, because when they thrive, we get stronger. Find out where our Internship and Co-op programs can take you.

  • Paid Internships

  • 12-week program
  • Paid positions
  • Students get practical experience related to their major that will enhance classroom learning
  • College sophomores, juniors, seniors and graduate students.
  • Students supervised and evaluated at work site by Cox
  • Technology Co-Ops

  • Three alternate semesters on a full-time basis, year-round
  • Paid positions
  • College sophomores and juniors
  • 3-semester development plan for students
  • What an Internship or Co-op opportunity offers:

  • Get started right

    Get started right with a full-day orientation consisting of an introduction of new hires, history of Cox, business overview and onboarding.

  • Get access to accomplishment

    Get access to a speaker series involving executive leaders including the Chief Human Resources Officer, the Chief Financial Officer and the Chief Technology Officer.

  • Get a mentor

    Get a mentor with our “Buddy System” that pairs new interns and co-op participants with alumni of the program and Young Professional Employee Resource Group members, giving the opportunity for networking and information exchange.

  • Get connected to opportunity

    Get connected to opportunity with our recruiter meet-and-greets and our one-to-one recruiter student connections; we give participants the chance to build relationships with the people that do our hiring.

  • Get skills

    Get skills with our in-house training, customized learning paths and free Cox University access, including classes dealing with computer language, Excel training and management development.

  • Get a chance to give back

    Get a chance to give back with the volunteer opportunities we offer every semester, including our partnership with Meals On Wheels Atlanta.

  • Get recognized for great work

    Get recognized for great work with a showcase to Cox employees, recruiters, hiring managers and executives of the projects you’ve worked on during your time at Cox.

What makes a Cox internship different and unique?

LEAD Program

Get ahead with Cox’s LEAD program. It’s an immersive two-year leadership development program concentrated on the Project Management discipline. Participants receive three months of focused training followed by supported on-the-job project management, providing meaningful and challenging work, access to senior leadership, and ideal training for future leaders. At the end of the two years participants continue to serve as full-time project managers at Cox Communications.

  • What does LEAD offer?

  • Learning: Participants receive training in leadership, business acumen and project management; and learn in the classroom, through experience, and with guest speakers.
  • On-the-Job Experience: Each participant completes several project assignments spanning 6-12 months each. All assignments take place on the main Atlanta campus and provide an opportunity to engage with operations, finance, sales, marketing, technology, human resources, product development, and supply chain.
  • Mentoring & Coaching: Participant’s each receive continuous mentoring and coaching from many different support outlets, including the assigned senior manager, rotational manager, program director, and mentor.
  • What are the qualifications for LEAD?

  • Bachelor’s degree and/or advanced degree
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale
  • Problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Excellent interpersonal, leadership, presentation and collaboration skills
  • Computer skills, including Microsoft Office Suite and online research
  • U.S. work authorization; sponsorship not available for this program

Student Profiles

Project Work and Career Skills That Build Your Future Career

  • Ann Marie Hodgson

    Summer 2015 Marketing Intern now full-time LEAD Project Manager Specialist

    Project 1

    Cox Media Recruitment Campaign

    Ann Marie developed a campaign theme and strategy for Cox Media’s recruitment that won a corporate office vote 13 to 1.

    Project 2

    Category Campaign Email

    Researched and identified quality content and developed copy, images, and layout for client-facing emails and landing pages.

    Skills Developed

    • Research and Analysis
    • Copywriting
    • Project Management
  • Karrim Tisdale

    Data Analyst Co-op 2014-2015, now full–time Technical Analyst II


    Report Automation

    Karrim analyzed current reporting process and metrics and developed automation opportunities. He then configured and implemented new reporting processes that reduced reporting time by 181 hours.

    Skills Developed

    • Data Analysis
    • SQL Programming
    • Tableau Reporting and Dashboarding
  • Kelsey Spencer

    Strategic Initiative Analyst Intern (Summer 2015 and Fall 2015)

    Project 1

    Impact of Download to Own

    Kelsey researched the growth of electronic sell-through, also known as download to own, and composed models that illustrated her discoveries, with a special analysis of Millennials.

    Project 2

    Home Security and Home Automation

    Researched the current home security and automation industry and analyzed Cox’s position in relation to its competitors and peers.

    Skills Developed

    • Research and Analysis
    • Communication
    • Project Management
  • Nathan Janick

    Sales Channel Strategy Intern, Summer 2015

    Project 1

    Sports and Equipment Incentive Plans

    Nathan analyzed the relationship between sport seasons and events and effectiveness of incentives for over-the-counter sales of modems and routers.

    Project 2

    Install Fees Incentive Plans

    Researched ways to structure install fee incentives to match price with customers’ willingness to pay and give sales reps more leverage to close deals.

    Skills Developed

    • Finance and Accounting
    • Data Analysis
    • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Saahil W. Bhargava

    Business Strategy Intern in New Growth and Development, Summer 2015

    Project 1

    Education Technology

    Saahil developed and designed a 1400+ database that was part of selecting 10 startups for partnerships with Cox.

    Project 2

    Partnership Interaction

    Participated in developing presentations to start discussion with leading education companies in order to facilitate strategic partnerships.

    Skills Developed

    • Business Strategy
    • Database Development
    • Negotiating Partnerships

Experience That Matters –Hear From Our Intern/Co-op Alumni Employees

  • Chinye Oseji

    Chinye OsejiFinancial Analyst II, Reporting—Finance

    "I attended George Washington University for undergrad and Georgia State University for my MBA. I learned about the Cox internship from the National Black MBA Association, and chose Cox Communications over other companies because of the culture. People at Cox are very open. Everyone here is ready to answer questions, give advice, and include people in projects. The most valuable thing I learned at Cox was to put myself out there, and to take initiative and be proactive in seeking solutions. Join programs and initiatives and stand out from the crowd – it’s how you continue to grow your career."

  • Bethany Stewart

    Bethany StewartBusiness Process Analyst II—Technology

    "I graduated from Southern Polytechnic State University with a degree in Industrial Engineering and a minor in Business Administration, and learned about Cox Communications (CCI) through the career services team there. I would recommend preparing for the interview by learning everything you can about Cox. They want and need your knowledge, passion, and creativity—so bring it! The best thing about my experience at Cox was working in a culture that expected and wanted me to grow. It was an environment and atmosphere that allowed me to mature."

  • Shernovius Bennett

    Shernovius BennettEvent Engineer I—IT Operations

    "I attended Auburn University and received my Bachelor’s in Software Engineering. I chose Cox Communications because they foster an atmosphere that allows you to complete work without being micromanaged. Every leader I’ve encountered at Cox gives employees the freedom to solve issues. The most valuable thing I learned at Cox is to be a sponge. There is so much knowledge around campus that you just have to try to soak up as much as possible and pass on what you learn to others."